Gareth’s Letters

Gareth’s Letter – September 2014

Since this is the inaugural Letter I’m writing, it seems right to establish some ground rules for what you can expect.

First, above all, what we prize is freedom of thought and speech.  There is no idea that, based on its content, should ever be considered beyond the bounds of decency with regard to being able to think and express it.

You might be surprised how revolutionary a concept this is for many….especially those who claim to espouse free speech.

Second, where we will always err is on the side of exposing and mucking up ideas and thoughts that are less popular, especially if there is a conventional stream of thought that seeks to not want to believe it.  There is a big difference between a conspiracy theory and raising issues.  Read that sentence again.

Raising possibilities and asking questions…those don’t smack of conspiracy theories.

What’s a conspiracy theory?  To our mind, you can usually smell a conspiracy theory because at its core it directs the listener or reader to a conclusion that is outside the initial area of questioning or issue.

Choosing to hope to believe that the issues being raised or questions being asked does not render those issues “conspiracy theories.”

Third—and this will likely alienate many—in line with these two rules, our political philosophy (and we use “political” here in the catholic sense) is one that has the liberty of the individual at its core.   By definition, living in any kind of a collective renders some sacrifice to the collective a necessity.  Where do you draw the line?  Some would have the a central body make rules for the collective—from which that central body is usually exempt—thus raising questions not just about the integrity of that central body, the freedom individuals have, and…of course, how honest the process is, if there is an elite that is exempt from the rules.

Our observation: those who favor greater power accorded a central elite usually do so as long as that central body makes decisions that accord with their own personal philosophies.

See the problem?

If you do, you’ll love our site.  And if you don’t, you’ll either learn to love our site, or you will hate it.

And, to be honest, it’s the folks who hate it who make us smile the most.

Either way, we hope you have some fun here.