Monthly Archives: November 2016

Government Knows Better Than You?

Sometimes you have to wonder if there's a persistent theme coming from above to make conditions worse for U.S. taxpayers. At American Royal's World Series of Barbecue, the Kansas City Health Department broke up a tradition in which surplus cooked meat that's typically handed out to to the homeless, was rendered inedible by pouring bleach on...
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Don’t Send Your Child to the University of Colorado?

Well now-- A class at the University of Colorado with the name of "Resistance and Revolution" is encouraging students to adopt the view that the Founding Fathers comprised nothing if not a terrorist organization. The basis upon which they draw this conclusion?  The Founding Fathers often tarred and feathered political effigy. Of course, when political systems are...
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How Corrupt is the Democrat Party in Virginia?

A credible report alleges that, in recent weeks, the Governor of Virginia signed thousands of letters granting voting rights to convicted felons in prison.  The report goes on to allege that the letters also contained voter registration forms with pre-paid return postage. Do you suppose that there were non-felons residing in Virginia who weren't registered to...
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