Monthly Archives: August 2016

Is the Secretary of State Suggesting that Media Manipulate Readers?

In a recent speech that John Kerry, US Secretary of State, delivered in Bangladesh, he suggested that it might be a good thing if the media intentionally covered news of terrorism on a less frequent basis. Is the Secretary suggesting that the Media sculpt its reporting to suit the agenda of the Government?  Is he suggesting...
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How Many Ways to Disperse American Arms Around the World?

Some of your government officials think that the Constitution gives you too much of a right to bear arms, even though, well of course, the State does, in fact, regulate gun ownership, but that latter point is another matter. So, we put it to you: was the botched, so-called Fast & Furious program in which arms...
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Hillary Will Sculpt Your Societal Rights for You

That'd be Czarina Hillary to you. Can someone explain to us why Secretary Hillary R. Clinton thinks it's within the purview of the Government to censor speech that is not otherwise illegal? In a recent memo, Mrs. Clinton declared that a particular website that is devoted to putting forth conservative perspectives did not have a right to...
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